I am an accomplished project coordinator for a private firm. In this role, I have to read every detail of every document for every project that I oversee. I am used to reading very lengthy (and very boring) documents thoroughly and picking apart the finer details. I have quite effectively learned to detect ambiguity in proposals that could lead to unsustainability, scope creep, unintended consequences, delays and/or expenses. This has led to me being an effective leader that keeps projects on time, within scope and within budget.

I have been effective at managing projects because I am not afraid to use one little word which many find offensive... NO! I consider it tough love. It's much like parenting. As a parent, I am the steward of my children and my job is not to always make them happy or give them whatever they want. My job is to teach them how the world works and how to be good and decent human beings. In project management, my effectiveness comes from this same willingness to say NO when that's the right thing to do, whether or not it is the popular opinion. When stakeholders attempt to add items to the project that are not defined in the scope and, subsequently, the budget, I say NO. If it won't work within the time, scope and budget of the project, then it simply can't be done. I want to bring that level-headed, tough love to state government.

If you choose to give me the opportunity to serve you in Indiana State Congress, I will vote NO on any proposed legislation that would:

  • Grow the size, scope, or cost of government.
  • Decrease the effectiveness of how government services are maintained or distributed.
  • Infringe on any personal freedoms of Hoosiers.
  • Contradict any rights guaranteed by the Constitutions of the State of Indiana and/or the United States of America.
  • Prioritize Federal power over that of Indiana. (unless specifically authorized by the US Constitution or Supreme Court)
  • Reduce any control or influence of local parents, teachers and school boards over the curriculum or administration of their schools in favor of State or Federal initiatives.
  • Add unnecessary regulation or licensure that could impede the creation or growth of home-based sole proprietorships and other small businesses.

I have a hard time imagining any piece of legislation that would not attempt to do at least one of those things. Therefore I fully expect to vote NO on every single piece of legislation that makes its way through the Indiana House. I could be convinced to vote YES on legislation that would steward your money in a more effective manner or ensure more freedoms in the state of Indiana. I doubt that any legislation like that would be proposed by the general assembly unless I am a member of it and personally propose such legislation.