Why Isn't Trans called Gender Appropriation?

Because we allow other people to decide what we’re going to be mad about, that’s why.

Whether one leans politically left or right, it seems put upon us to be angry about the issues someone else has decided we should be angry about, almost as if it is our responsibility. The anger bullet points are being handed down from who knows where and there seems to be no rhyme or reason for why we should or should not get all up in arms about a particular topic. There seems to be no set of guiding principles that would keep our arguments cohesive and stop us from contradicting ourselves and our own values. Yet, our arguments do fail the cohesion test; we do contradict ourselves, but why? Because we are unsure of our own ethics and we are getting our orders from somewhere else.

The point isn't for us to get mad and let the anger motivate us to change the world, the point is for us to get angry and stay angry, so long as we stay angry at one another. 

They want us to be mad about other people's religion. We have to be angry with Christians and vilify them for having bigoted views on homosexuality and outdated views on family structure and gender roles, but we have to also be angry with society for marginalizing Muslims and not respecting their culture and values, when those values are the same bigoted views on LGBT and the same family and gender values we have deemed to be obsolete and oppressive. 

We have to be angry that there's a gender pay gap but we’re not allowed to be angry at the conditions that contribute to it, such as many women choosing to be caregivers and many others choosing lower paying social service roles. We have to be angry at those who would not give women a choice but we also have to be angry at the outcome of the choices they ultimately make, but we can’t be angry with the women who’ve made those choices.   

We have to be angry about how much money other people work for. That guy doesn’t make enough per hour, that guy makes too much per year, and on and on. We’re required to be angry that there isn’t opportunity for immigrants or for single parents with erratic schedules but we also have to be angry at companies like Uber for providing them opportunities to work at their own pace and set their own hours because WE, a party completely outside of the transaction, don’t care for the terms of an agreement we didn’t make, to which we are not obligated and that ultimately doesn’t affect us. 

We have to be furious and call it racist and unacceptable for someone born an american to adopt the mode of dress, language or manner of a foreign people, or when the dominant culture adopts aspects of a marginalized or sub culture, yet simultaneously we must be furious at people who refuse to accept that a person of one gender who appropriates the mode of dress, language, and manner of the other gender should be celebrated for doing so. 

Personally, I understand the gender gradient and that even something that would seem to be binary is more nuanced than that, but it’s as though we see culture, which is a logical construct that isn’t predicated on any real, physical attributes as rigid boundaries that cannot be crossed, while simultaneously making the claim that gender, with its physically and biologically observable attributes as a fabricated construct that’s all in our minds. 

Now, don’t get the torches and pitchforks just yet… I’m an open minded guy. I believe in individual freedom. 

If you want to wear make up and cut your dick off, then godspeed, wear makeup and cut your dick off. 

I wish you all the happiness in the world. Though it does come with some delicate care instructions, I am personally of the opinion that owning a penis is a net win, but that should have no bearing on whether you decide to add or subtract one from your body nor influence any other decision you make in your own life. Furthermore I’m happy to call you whatever pronoun you like because you’re my friend and I love you and your happiness is important to me. Still, I hope you’ll let it slide if I fuck up from time to time and forgive me if I momentarily forget that Ze is a word. Is it? 

But again, it’s as though we are obligated to be angry either way. Whether you perceive a gender line as a rigid boundary between binary sexes of male and female or you see a wide spectrum of people who can range from agender, gender fluid, gender flux, gender queer, demi-girl/boy all the way to boring old sis gendered assigned at birth… it doesn’t matter. You both think you’re right. You both think there is a “truth” out there that with just the right awareness, acceptance, prayer or whatever, that this “truth” could prevail and that your truth, your Yin side of the argument would defeat the evil Yang and justice would reign. But there is no truth. Truth is as abstract as justice... it's usually just perspective. Even so, it doesn't matter. Getting to the truth for it to set you free is not the goal.

There is no truth but there’s a lot of money to be made in selling the cause. 

The goal is to keep us divided, fighting among ourselves to make it easier for those who seek to separate us from our money and exert power over us to do just that. As long as you’re angry you’ll keep clicking, keep linking, keep subscribing, keep tuning in, and keep the money flowing. 

I personally think we should be left the hell alone to live our own lives. If I want to live my life as a coke snorting, tranny stripper (seriously, I’d be like so hot), I feel like I should be allowed to do that so long as none of my behaviors injure you or damage your property. Likewise, if I want to dedicate my life to being a conservative christian and president of the AR-15 fanclub, then why shouldn’t I? In either case, one shouldn’t be able to force a lifestyle or acceptance of that lifestyle on another person. 

We all just need to act like adults and have enough self respect to treat other people with dignity, recognize that their cause is our cause, and realize that any laws we put in place to manage the lifestyles of others is a framework for others to be able to manage our own. 

If we actually did that, actually unified in the belief that our lifestyles were solely and completely our own business, and the trannies and bible thumpers joined forces to fight those in power that would infringe either of those lifestyles, or any other for that matter, as well as assumed the personal responsibility that our choices may have consequences that are no one else's burden, I believe we would stand a united and powerful people.  

All the best,