At the end of the 20th century it was clear that socialism had failed and that the free enterprise system had lifted more people out of poverty than any other force in history and that what the world needed was… more socialism. In the last 20 years the rise of Neo-Marxism has emerged to become one of the greatest threats to individual freedom and western culture at large.


On Radio Free Market, we examine how markets function, how economics can work for us or against us in our daily lives and how the world prospers the more free people are to make their own decisions in their own lives. We examine and dismantle common myths around wealth, equality, war, and the role of government. My guests and I take in-depth looks at politics, culture, and economics through a data and principle driven lens and answer your questions on every episode of Radio Free Market.

I have been a libertarian for about 15 years. Even before I knew there was a word for it, I was outspoken about personal liberties, the right of a person to be subject only to themselves. Back then, I thought that made me a liberal, and I suppose it does, in the classical sense.

This show is for you if you are a libertarian yourself, or leaning that way and need someone to help you articulate liberty principles or need a hand figuring out how to respond to the popular myths of collectivism. Maybe you are a neo-liberal or socialist and think all libertarians are bat shit crazy and you want to engage in the conversation in order to gain perspective, or maybe you just want to be snarky and call us out. Go for it. Email me at info@clydemyers.com and put Q&A in the subject line. I'll be glad to answer your question on the show. 

All the best,

-Clyde -